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About the Author, Photographer, Executive Chef, Food Stylist and Webmaster

william_before_smIn the beginning there was a man named William. And he was really huge. This was not good. Then William said, “I’ll go to college” and ate his way through a degree. And he emerged even more ginormous.

The date was Cinco de Mayo, 2001. My heart raced, filled with the heady joy that only comes from the culmination of five long years of stress, anxiety and many, many sleepless nights. Yes, I was graduating from Georgia Tech.

My family had come from South Carolina to visit me and I was eager to strut across the stage, diploma in hand. The sun had not yet risen, but I was already on my third go around with my tie, cap and gown at the ready.

It wasn’t till said gown came off the hanger that my horror began. See, in the three months I’d had it in my possession I’d completely neglected to try it on. Five grueling years of abuse had left my body bloated and tired – far too big to fit in my required graduation wardrobe. With thoughts of missing my grand finale, I raced into the pre-dawn hours in search of some help. If not for the generosity of my 6’4″ friend, I’d have had to skip it. As it was, I barely managed to fit my bulbous mass into his gown, and my gown just managed to cover his knees.

I was dying. My family has a long and well-documented history of heart disease (paternal), cancer (maternal), diabetes (maternal) and above all, obesity (both sides). I was an old man at 23, and I knew from that moment on that I was in a real fight for my life. Broken and beaten, I resolved to do something about it. I weighed 281 pounds.

wj_after_smFast forward to 2005. I’d gained a job, a home and the love of my life. Somewhere in all of that I also managed to lose over 100 pounds on Weight Watchers. Eager to share my experiences, but not slim enough to get a position as a meeting leader, I started a small blog. That modest collection of recipes and anecdotes has ballooned into an almost full-time obsession.

Along the way this blog has gone through many subtle changes and has settled into a rhythm. The purpose of my blog is simple – to document my travels and explorations in food through the lens of a man who’s been fat for most of his life. I endeavor to learn to love food again, and to enjoy it without killing myself or becoming a diet martyr. You know what I’m talking about – the person who sacrifices his love of food for a life that’s not quite worth living.

The recipes and dishes featured here may not always be rabbit food (which in reality tastes nothing like a salad, more like cardboard), but they will always feature points values. The key here is all things in moderation. The commentary may at times be opinionated, but I will perennially strive to be positive and upbeat, even in moments of weakness and excess. My first post sums it up best:

So what’s the point? Why am I doing this?

Because I love food. Because I used to hate my body. Because I’m finally getting the hang of managing my weight while at the same time cooking the best food I’ve ever made. And I hope that in this space that I can share a few recipes, a few tidbits on managing to eat well without turning into Jabba the Hut, and a few anecdotes on my experience losing weight and struggling with overeating.