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5 Hairstyle Tips for Long Hair Using Hot Rollers

If you are tired of wearing your long, straight hair anymore then it’s time to switch to being a fan of long, curly hair. No worries, we don’t mean that you carry this hairstyle permanently, and instead just be a bit playful from time-to-time by using hot rollers to instantly glam up.

If you have never used hot rollers on your hair, this is the perfect time to learn how to use one. Forget about its seemingly old-fashioned image because you will be amazed at how useful it is in helping you score your desired curls.Using Hot Rollers

How to Use Hot Rollers for Long Hair

This is more of a step-by-step guide in using hot rollers effectively on your long locks.

Step 1: Prep your hair with a heat protectant spray of your choice as you turn on your hot rollers

You also have to pick the right size of hot rollers for your decide curls. Small rollers will give you tighter curls while large rollers lean more to the soft, wavy curls. Finer hair needs about 5-6 rollers and thicker hair requires around 10-12 rollers.

Step 2: Separate your hair into 4 large sections initially

Using large hair clips, separate your hair into 4 large sections first and then divide each section further into 2-3 parts as you wrap each with a hot roller. Start rolling down and under away from your face beginning at the tips of your hair to the scalp. Just make sure that you comb through your hair before placing a hair roller so you can avoid frizz later on.

Step 3: Repeat step #2 to the rest of your hair sections

You can also use flexible, lighthold, or mediumhold hairspray before your roll your hair onto each hot roller.

Step 4: Let the hot rollers cool down for about 20 minutes

Depending on the brand of hot rollers that you use, your curls can set between 5-20 minutes. Remember not to take off the hot rollers too quickly (that is before they have cooled down) or you will have to do the curling all over.

Step 5: Remove the hot rollers gently

The hot rollers should already be cool by the time you remove them. Be careful not to tug or pull your hair and just allow each section to drop naturally as you unwind the hot rollers. You then run your fingers through your hair to smoothen out the curls. Avoid using comb and instead go for a paddle brush to soften the curls even more. However, finger-combing can already do the trick. You can simply finish the curls off with a spritz of light hairspray.

Some Tips for Long, Fine Hair

Having long yet fine hair requires extra care more than long, thick mane. This is because your hair can easily get damaged by heat. To use hot rollers effectively on your fine hair, pick the smaller rollers and go for lower heat settings. Wrap the sections of your hair horizontally with each hair roller for maximum volume and to correct the top of your hair.

You the use a texturizing hairspray at the roots of your hair once you’re done wrapping your entire hair sections with hot rollers. This adds volume and hold at the same time. Allow the curls to set and the rollers to cool down within 5-10 minutes depending on the instructions of the brand you’re using.

Finish it off by running your fingers gently through your hair to soften the curls.

Additional Tips for Long, Thick Hair

When you got long, thick tresses, the time required for the curls to set can be longer. This means that you have to add about 10 minutes more to the setting time (that will make the waiting about 30 minutes). Also, remember to use larger hot rollers so you can easily wrap your thick hair onto it.

Final Tips

Hot rollers are certainly very useful styling tools especially if you desire to have curly locks whenever you please. Unlike curling iron, which is more prone to crimps and curling mistakes, you can score perfect waves and curls with hot rollers. You just have to familiarize yourself with the many different kinds and brands of heated hair rollers to choose from.

We suggest you check out local or online stores for the different types of hot rollers and compare the features. At the end of the day, only you can identify the curling requirements of your hair, which is the first step in choosing the best brand of hot rollers for your hair. Just like any other hairstyling tools, remember that heated hair rollers are not created equal so checking out customer reviews would also help you select one for yourself.

Hot rollers are definitely awesome curling tools for keeps especially if you have gotten the hang of it.