How to Straighten Your Hair: Tips on Choosing the Best Flat Iron for 4c Hair

It is a fact that curly and wavy hairstyles are “in” these days. They make the best and fabulous go-to hairdos if you want something to impress your friends and the whole crowd. Sometimes, however, you can’t help but feel like doing your hair in a neat fashion which means you are considering a straight hairstyle. Doing this of course, is not easy especially when your hair type, specifically a 4c hairstyle, gives you the problem. You basically need to depend on certain products and tools.

Introducing a tool that definitely does the tricks – you can opt for the best flat iron for 4c hair and any other top rated flat iron if you have this hair type. Using this tool is a bit easy and uncomplicated. You just have to take note about certain tips in order to perfect your straight hairstyle and come up with an awesome look. When you use the best flat iron the right way, you’ll definitely meet your expectations.Best Flat Iron for 4c Hair

Things to Check Before Purchasing a Flat Iron

Now if you are ready to use a flat iron to fix your hair, you have to remember some things in order to be able to buy the right tool. Flat irons differ according to the hair types that they are designed. It doesn’t mean that if you choose this particular flat iron, it may work well with your hair type. Below are the tips to remember before you choose a flat iron and carry it to the cashier:

1. For Thick Hair

Now this hair type is one of the trickiest when it comes to finding the right flat iron. Although it’s one of the loveliest hair types ever, it’s also one that is difficult to manage. When you want a straight hairstyle and you have this type of hair, these are the things you should remember when buying a flat iron:

Determine the quality of the flat iron’s plate sizes

Because your thick is hair, it needs a flat iron that is of good quality. What you have to see is its ability to perform its work in a neat, gentle, and safe manner.

Consider the thickness and length of your hair

If your hair is naturally thick, then you should ideally opt for the flat iron that has properties such as ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, or a combination of any of the three properties. The said properties are great especially when your hair is damaged because they basically have anti-damage properties that restore your hair’s natural health.

Notice the plate sizes of your flat iron

The sizes of the plates must also be paid attention to. What you need to do is opt for the plate that particularly has a width of at least 1.5 inches. This is to cover the strands of your hair efficiently so that it can easily be managed when you style your hair.

Determine the maximum temperature of the flat iron

Ideally, you need to make sure that the temperature a flat iron should provide is somewhere between 380 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very important to follow this ideal temperature range in order to make the straightening work totally effective and fast. Straightening hair will take a lot of time when the flat iron doesn’t meet the ideal temperature standard.

2. For Natural Hair (4c)

For this type of hair, you have to make sure that the flat iron should have the ability to retain the heat effectively. A flat iron that has this type of quality is the one which is made in ceramics. There are flat irons that are made up of titanium but these are not the ones that are designed for natural 4c hair type. When you choose ceramic type flat iron, you will be guaranteed that it will have a satisfying performance. It basically makes your hair smooth and it does its job faster.

Also make sure that the flat iron that you choose has the capacity to protect your hair against burn incidences. A device with an easy to read digital display will also make a good candidate if you are choosing for a flat iron that is convenient to use.

There are flat irons that are designed for natural hair that are expensive. Would you rather choose the cheaper ones? The answer is yes. These types of flat irons may cost you big time but when you have a natural hair that needs an effective, safe, and quick straightening job, the pricey but quality flat iron will be the most ideal one to purchase.

What are other things that you need to look when you choose a flat iron for your natural 4c hair? Like the things that you need to look for when buying a flat iron for thick hair, you also need to determine if the flat iron has an effective temperature control. Also determine the size of the flat iron’s plates. Another thing that you need to take note is its ability to automatically shut off. Does the iron has special features and accessories, as well? All these things matter. So before you take the flat iron home, make sure that you have all these things checked out.

3. For black hair (long and short)

black hairWhether your black hair is long or short, you also need to remember a few things before purchasing a particular flat iron. First, you have to check out the ability of the device to provide the heat that you need for your hair’s straightening. The ideal temperature range should be about 380 to 450 degrees, so if a flat iron has this heat capacity, then it is a good candidate. If your hair is long, make sure that the flat iron has a 1 to 2 inch plate size. For short hair, a flat iron with 1 to 1.5 inch is ideal.

Also make sure that the flat iron for black hair can give you the best straightening performance and that it is legit durable so that it will do its job for a longer span of time.

4. For curly hair

This type of hair is one of the most common types but also one of the difficult ones when it comes to straightening. The best flat iron for this hair type is the one with a wide range of temperature to choose from. So when you are on a lookout for a flat iron that will do its magic on your curly hair, make sure it has the efficient temperature setting so you will know which heat level works out best for you.

Another factor that you should look in a flat iron for your hair type is its capacity to work for your hair’s density, mixture, and texture. A kind of flat iron that has these features is the one that is made up with tourmaline or the one that has titanium plates. These features are proven ideal in managing your curly and twisty mane.

What to Avoid When Using a Flat Iron

There are some things that you have to avoid when you use a flat iron and these include the following:

Be careful in choosing the flat iron type that you will use. Many flat irons that come from well-known companies claim that their flat iron products are ceramics. However, not all properties in them are ceramics. Some of them may contain only ceramic properties on their layers. Be sure to check the instruction manual and see if the flat iron contains 100% ceramics. Be aware, however, that these kinds of flat irons are a bit pricey compared to flat irons that are not pure ceramics. If you are the type of person that does not normally go to expensive products and just opt for the cheaper ones, think again.

Ceramic flat irons may have cringe-worthy prices but they are worth it. The quality is worth your every penny because they are built in a sturdy way and they last for a longer span of time. Non-ceramic flat irons do the opposite. They may even cause potential damage to your hair. Also, you may encounter the word ‘nano’ in some flat iron manuals. Even if ‘nano’ does sound promising in a ‘nano-ceramin’ word, it can’t guarantee you that everything is ceramic. There are portions of the flat iron that are fake ceramics so be careful there.

You also need to check the flat iron’s quality—particularly its ability to adjust itself according to temperature. You may think that all flat irons have the temperature changing settings. You are wrong. Some flat irons only possess a one temperature setting while others (especially high-end flat irons) give you the leisure to vary your temperature by adjusting its setting. If you see a flat iron that possess the quality of the latter, then that is the one that you should choose because it will help you see what temperature works for you and what temperature gives you a satisfying result.

When using your ideal flat iron, make sure that your hair is completely dry. Do not attempt to straighten your hair when it is wet because the electricity that comes from the device may cause you shock and this is dangerous and health-threatening.

Straightening your hair using a flat iron may also be efficient if you start from low to cool temperature setting. This will loosen up your curl and will help you come up with a straighter hair look.

Now that you know some of the do not when using choosing and using a flat iron, let’s get you into learning how to use it for your 4c TWA hair using the step by step instructions below:

  1. Make sure that you TWA hair is in great condition. It is one of the most important things to check before flat-ironing your hair. Damaged ends in your hair may make it difficult for you to do your task.
  2. Deep condition your hair using a protein based product. Make sure that this particular product contains some water in order to provide moisture to your hair. You may ask why it’s important to use deep conditioners. It is because conditioners have the ability to strengthen your hair. They also help your hair retain a little bit of moisture to diminish some products that may stick to your hair.
  3. Before you go through the flat ironing process, consider using a heat protectant in order to keep your hair away from heat that may damage your hair. It also makes sure that your hair remains smooth and flawless and even tangle-free. Depending on your hair type, using a heat protectant is really a must.
  4. The last step that you need to follow and remember is to blow dry your hair. Make sure that you set the temperature setting into a medium heat. This is to avoid burning and damaging your hair. Paying attention to the small sections of your hair, flat iron on the heat to get them straighter. Some people wear a tapered cut. In hairstyles like this, you should run the flat iron over the areas that are shorter in size. This is to avoid having a straight hair on the top portionand curly hair on both the back and the sides.

So that wraps up everything that you need to know if you are planning to use a top rated flat iron. Always follow the tips that are mentioned above, especially the things that you need to avoid when you are going to opt for the best flat iron. It is easy to go through this process but some people may find it difficult and that is because they are either using the flat iron device that has a low quality or that they do not use the tool correctly. There are a lot of things that you really need to consider if you want to sport a flawless, straight hair. The important thing that you need to think is that, every little effort is worth it!

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